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Integrated Project Delivery

Capitalize on Advancements in BIM Technology

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a system designed to optimize cost, time schedules and performance while minimizing waste. This process leads to higher profit margins and faster production.

IDP enables specialists who will be designing, constructing, and operating the building to have a voice early in the process and allows them:

The Ability to Optimize Systems

To Ensure Interoperability with Others

To Take Responsibility for Systems Design

To Eliminate Costly Change Orders


Above all, IPD is an opportunity to capitalize on advancements in BIM technology created to address today's challenges.

Create a Common Data Environment


A common data environment (CDE) is a central repository that where your project information is stored and accessed by your project teams.

Creating a CDE for your project will provide access and give you control of your project data. The process creation includes a single source of project data that ensures your team stays connected to reliable and consistent data throughout the design, construction and life cycle of the project.

When you create a CDE it is critical that you include with it a solid Data Management Plan that will be used to inform your teams on how to name their content and where to put it.

BIM Consulting For Owners - Strategic Planning

We offer end to end BIM Strategy and advisory services for IPD. From developing BIM Execution Plans, to giving advice on right hardware, software, or IT infrastructure. We are your information pipeline production team and keep you connected to your project by validating designs and time schedules.

We are not affiliated with any software or other project teams. Allowing us to be your trusted voice in BIM Design Technology will provide you with the unbiased advice you need to get your project started with confidence.

Keep Every One on Track with Computational BIM

Computational BIM

All IPD projects offer a special opportunity to flex the power of Computational BIM and automate many of the tedious tasks like creating views, sheets, and keeping everyone on track by speeding up production.

Advanced Project Coordination

Manage Information requests, design changes and establish live communication channels that are easy to access and consistent.

Clash Detection

Our clash detection workflows create reports that are easy to follow. We tag elements in our design models with clash information, making it easy to follow up and fix.

Support for Framing and Drywall Contractors

We also have services specifically for supporting framing and drywall contractors.

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